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A Christ-centered college preparatory institution, prepares students to serve and lead by nurturing spiritual growth cultivating the talents of all students, and challenging them to pursue academic excellence.

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Cardinal Mooney High School, a coeducational diocesan high school, is staffed by faculty who share a Christian vision. This Christian vision, which has its source in the Gospels and finds expression in the North American Bishops’ pastoral letter, “To Teach As Jesus Did,” serves as the basis for our school philosophy. We are committed to the development of the whole person, emphasizing the personal dignity and value of the student and of the teacher, the realization of the importance of integrating religious truths and values into one’s life, and the primacy of religious instruction. With this as our motivation, we hope to carry out the mission entrusted by Jesus to his church: to bring all of creation to its fulfillment according to God’s design by proclaiming the message of truth, building a community of justice and peace, and reaching out in service to the entire human community.

Through the implementation of this philosophy, Cardinal Mooney students will be better able to build community in their families, their places of work, their neighborhoods, their nation, their world. Students, parents, faculty, and staff members of Cardinal Mooney High School accept this philosophy and the following objectives as a sacred responsibility before God.


A Focus on Religious Truths and Values

Students receive instruction not solely to attain knowledge, but to acquire values and to discover truth. Integral to the school’s program is formal instruction in religious truths and values; Religion is not just one subject among the rest; it is perceived and functions as the underlying reality which gives coherence and meaning to the students’ experiences in education and throughout life. This integration of religious truths and values with life relies on the support of the parents, who are the primary educators of their children, and the influence of teachers, who manifest this integration in their private and professional lives.

Community and Faith

Another important aspect of Cardinal Mooney High School education is the development of an awareness of the importance of community. This awareness comes from the experience of a community of faith begun in the home and nurtured in our school environment. Stressed are both theory and practice through the cultivation of the students’ growth in the areas in which they are uniquely gifted, by furthering their Christian responsibility to themselves and to their neighbors, and by fostering an understanding of the Eucharist as a sign of community and the cause for its growth.

Encouraging Christian Service

Students participate in curricular and extra-curricular programs which encourage their commitment to Christian service. This service is the fruit of an environment where religious and human knowledge and values are integrated; where complex, contemporary problems are addressed; and where skills, virtues, and qualities of Christian service are acquired.



God is at the center of all we do.

Relationships are founded in gospel values.

All students can learn.

Community – we learn, worship, and serve as one.

Excellence – we pursue it.

God is at the center of all we do.

Gospel values are the foundations of our


All students can learn.

We learn, worship, and serve as a


We pursue


You Belong Here